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Latest Highlights              2023

The Brunei Darussalam’s balance of payments (BOP) recorded a surplus of BND2,611.0 million in 2023, a decrease compared to BND4,501.0 million in 2022. The lower current account balance surplus was due to decrease in surplus of Goods Account of BND15,094.1 million and increase of Services Account deficit valued at BND1,749,3 million. While Primary Income recorded a surplus at BND260.6 million and Secondary Income was at deficit BND1,003.4 million.

Meanwhile, the Financial Account recorded a net outflow of BND2,473.4 million in 2023 compared to net outflow of BND3,290.7 million in 2022. 

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Summary Data

​BND million
201920202021 2022
Current Account1,214.4 748.42,110.04,501.02,611.0
Goods3,011.61,910.7 3,600.37,105.35,103.2
Exports9,831.2 9,026.514,783.419,484.015,094.1
  Imports6,819.6 7,115.811,183.112,378.69,990.9
Services(1,621.9) (1,178.6)(935.9)(1,169.5)(1,749.3)
  Receipts842.8485.9 269.3388.2456.6
  Payments2,464.7 1,664.51,205.21,557.72,205.9
Primary Income492.6 499.1120.5(509.7)260.6
  Receipts1,402.3 1,268.61,288.3757.41,286.2
  Payments909.7769.4 1,167.81,267.21,025.6
Secondary income(668.0) (482.9)(674.9)(925.2)(1,003.4)
  Receipts62.6 64.289.367.177.2
  Payments730.6 547.1 764.2992.31,080.7
Capital Account- - ---
Financial Account(623.1) 363.8(160.5)3,290.72,473.4
  Direct Investment Abroad- - ---
  Direct Investment in Brunei511.0796.7275.1(403.2)(68.6)
  Portfolio Investment Assets1,907.9 1,647.2(318.7)628.7(363.8)
  Portfolio Investment Liabilities- - ---
  Other Investment Assets384.6 (728.6)292.61,196.51,841.2
  Other Investment Liabilities2,334.1(241.8)(140.8)(1,062.3)(927.5)
  Current+capital-financial account balance1,767.0384.62,270.51,210.3137.6
Net Errors and Omissions(735.1) (996.0)(797.7)(1,103.6)(1,076.0)
Reserve Assets1,031.9(611.4) 1,472.8106.6-938.4