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​ ​Vision
​A Prominent National Statistical Authority of High International Standard.
Mission​ ​
​To Provide Quality, Comprehensive, Timely and Accessible National Statistics, consistent with International Standards and Best Practices for Effective Planning   
   and Informed Decision-Making
Functions​ ​
  • To serve as the Authority on National Socio-Economic Statistics;
  • To coordinate the National Statistical System;
  • To serve as the Secretariat to the National Statistic Committee (NSC);
  • To collect, compile, analyse and publish national socio-economic statistics and related information;
  • To conduct the Population and Housing Census and the Economic Census throughout the country;
  • To conduct the designated statistical surveys and special or ad-hoc surveys as required by the Government based on statistical sampling procedures;
  • To collaborate with Government departments in the collection, compilation and publication of statistical information, including statistics derived from
         the activities of those departments;
  • To compile the National Accounts and the Balance of Payments statistics;
  • To consolidate and integrate the national socio-economic statistics from the real, external, fiscal and monetary sectors;
  • To disseminate national statistics in a timely manner according to the internationally accepted release schedules;
  • To ensure easy accessibility of national statistics through various platforms including media and electronic means;
  • To develop national standards of statistical concepts, classifications and methodologies and ensure observance of the standards by all Government
  • To review and update regularly the national statistical standards to be aligned with the latest international standards and guidelines;
  • To promote data sharing among Government agencies in order to avoid duplication in statistical data collection and to reduce respondents' burden;
  • To develop and maintain statistical databases of the population, households, business establishments and statistical time series;
  • To safeguard the confidentiality of individual data sources;
  • To perform gap analysis (analysis of needs and availability) of national statistics;
  • To conduct regular user-producer consultations/forums/dialogues to enhance advocacy of statistics;
  • To provide advice on statistical subject matters to government agencies and the public;
  • To cooperate and collaborate with regional and international organizations in statistical matters to promote comparability and harmonization of                statistics;    and
  • To ensure continuous organisational development and human statistical capacity building. 

Strategic Goals​ ​
​Quality, Comprehensive and Timely National Statistics.
Strategies​ ​
  • An effective and co-ordinated National Statistical System
  • Quality and comprehensive national statistics in coherence to international standards
  • Timely, accessible and high frequency national statistics
  • Increased statistical awareness among the users and the general public
  • Continuous development of organisation and human capacity