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KILM 12: Time-related underemployment
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12.1 by Sex, Age, Migratory Status and Districts
12.2 (%) by Sex and Migratory Status
Introduction and Background

This indicator relates to the number of employed persons whose hours of work in the reference period are insufficient in relation to a more desirable employment situation in which the person is willing and available to engage.

The international definition of Time-related underemployment is based on three criteria: it includes all persons in employment who, during a short reference period:
a)wanted to work additional hours,
b)had worked less than a specified hours threshold (working time in all jobs), and
c)were available to work additional hours given an opportunity for more work.
The hour-threshold was set at 40 hours of work during the reference week at all jobs. It corresponds to the modal value of the distribution of hours actually worked at all jobs during the reference week.