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​PPP is still relatively underutilised in Brunei as compared to most developed countries including the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia.        
JPKE is the government agency assigned to oversee PPP projects in Brunei        
National Development Projects can be implemented either through traditional procurement or PPP:    
​Evaluation Criteria :
  1. Objective of project is aligned with Wawasan Brunei 2035;   
  2. Meet the minimum project value threshold which is BND 40 million for economic infrastructure projects or BND 10 million for social infrastructure projects, whether single or bundled;  
  3. Indication of ‘bankability’ for the project;
  4. Viability of project to be implemented via PPP based on international best practices; and       
  5. Better Value for Money to the government if developed through PPP.       
​Institutional Framework

​PPP Project Development Process

​Latest Publications/Reports
​National Public Private Partnership Guidelines (PPP)