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Publication of RKN 11​
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The Eleventh National Development Plan (RKN11) further consolidates developmental efforts in the production of the Non-Oil and Gas sector with the RKN theme of "Increased Non-Oil and Gas Sector Output as Catalysts for Economic Growth".

Six (6) strategic development thrusts in implementing the RKN11:
  1. Improving Quality of Teaching and Training to Produce Educated and Highly-Skilled Human Capital;
  2. Developing Manpower in line with Industry Requirements;
  3. Building Visionary and Wasatiah Communities;
  4. Strengthening the Sustainable Welfare of the People;
  5. Increasing Output and Contribution of Non-Oil and Gas Sector to Gross Domestic Product;
  6. Strengthening Goverment's Governance for a Conducive Business Environment.
A total of BND3.5 billion has been allocated during the five-year period to finance 186 projects​ ​