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In addressing the need to plan the direction of the country’s economy towards a nation which is dynamic and sustainable, it is the responsibility of the Department of Planning to provide planning for the development and growth of the country’s socio-economy whether it is in a short term, middle or the long term.

One of the main outputs of this Department is the preparation of the Eleventh National Development Plan (RKN) which carries the theme “Increased Non-Oil and Gas Sector Output as Catalysts for Economic Growth. Each year, the theme focuses on increasing economic activity of the country mainly in the Non-Oil and Gas sector, continuing on the previous installment of the RKN which themed “Knowledge and Innovation Increases Productivity and Accelerates Economic Growth”.

The roles of this Department are as follows: - 

To do economic research and analysis To plan the nation’s economic development

​To prepare the nation’s macroeconomic forecast ​To monitor the economic development of the nation

The main functions of this Department are as follows:-

​•​To provide economic information and to better understand the structure of the economy through comprehensive investigation of the country’s strengths in industrial markets.
​•​To undertake a consultative role of providing the vision and integrating action plans in harnessing the development of the private sector which brings economic benefits.   
​•​To provide direction and guidance as well as assist and coordinate with ministries and departments in strengthening key industries.
​•​To formulate clear and appropriate policies or strategies to increase the Brunei Darussalam's productivity and competitiveness.
​•​To provide estimates and forecasts macroeconomic indicators and accounts to assist policymakers to design a specific strategy or policy planning in the future.
​•​To monitor and assess the economic development of the nation to identify whether the strategies and policies meets the needs of Wawasan Brunei 2035.