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Efficient market and enhanced consumer welfare
​ ​Mission
Consumer Protection
Promoting sustainable consumption through deterring unethical and unfair business conducts

Price Control
Setting price limits of selected essential goods specified in the law to maintain affordability
​ ​Functions
- Enforcing:

(i) the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Order, 2011

(ii) the Price Control Act​

- Promoting consumer protection to nurture efficient and vibrant markets in Brunei Darussalam
- Cooperating with relevant stakeholders to coordinate national competition and consumer policies
- Developing and implementing awareness and education programmes on consumer affairs matters, covering both consumer  
  protection and price control

- Handling relevant consumer complaints
- Focal coordinating agency for Brunei Darussalam's involvement in international and regional consumer protection matters
- Controlling and monitoring prices of selected essential goods
- Promoting ethical business conducts through monitoring cheap sales and promotions activities, as well as ensuring display of prices
​ ​Strategic Goals
- ​Efficient markets in Brunei Darussalam
- Smart, empowered consumers
​ ​Strategies

- Ensure an effective legal framework
- Increase awareness and education on consumer protection law
- Effective enforcement of Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Order 2011 and Price Control Act
- Conduct market studies
- Enhance institutional capacity and internal processes