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Response to “Concerns over missing price tags ”
​The Department of Economic Planning and Statistics (DEPS) would like to thank Budget Queen for the concerns raised over missing price tags in certain business establishments, published in the Borneo Bulletin Opinion Page on Wednesday, 27 December 2023.

DEPS takes matters related to pricing transparency very seriously. Through the Department of Consumer Affairs, DEPS has been conducting regular inspections at business premises, including school supplies stores, to ensure businesses comply with relevant laws and regulations. It is hoped such efforts will foster ethical business conduct towards building a fair and healthy business environment. Despite recent inspections not finding any non-compliance on Price Display Order thus far, DEPS would appreciate for the consumers who notice any non-compliance with the Price Display Order or related concerns to provide information through the PenggunaBijak mobile application or Talian Darussalam 123 or email to Please include specific
information such as name, address of businesses and relevant supporting information to enable proper assessment by the authority.

The DEPS would like to take this opportunity to remind consumers of their rights and the pivotal role they play in contributing to a business-compliant environment.

Once again, we appreciate your feedback in fostering a more transparent and accountable business environment and in actively reinforcing our enforcement mechanism.

Created at 1/11/2024 9:09 AM by Mohammad Haimi bin Yarmin
Last modified at 1/11/2024 9:09 AM by Mohammad Haimi bin Yarmin